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Who Are We?

Sheffield Go Club is made up of a small group of people who meet each week to play some friendly games of Go. We're very much a 'social' club rather than anything formal - which also means that there is nothing to pay to join in.

Beginners are very welcome! We're more than happy to teach newcomers to the game and there's no need to have any equipment of your own. Since Go has a handicap system it is possible for players of differing abilities to play against one another, so don't be worried that you're just starting out!

We also host the annual Sheffield Go Tournament.

What Is Go?

Go is a strategic board game which has been played for thousands of years. It originates from China and still has a large following there as well as in Korea & Japan.

The game is played by two players who take turns to place white or black stones onto a grid with the aim of surrounding areas of the board to become their 'territory'. Stones which get completely surrounded are removed from the board and the player with the most territory at the end of the game is the winner.

The rules are very simple and elegant - and yet they produce a beautifully complex game with endless possibilities. There is always more to learn and more enjoyment to get from the game, no matter what your ability level.

In the UK, hundreds of people meet to play Go face-to-face on a regular basis, with more playing online. Players meet at local clubs and compete in tournaments throughout the country.

You can visit the British Go Association website to learn more about Go and to find out about other clubs up & down the country.


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When & Where


40 Pond Hill, Sheffield, S1 2BG

Face-to-face club meetings have now resumed, but please contact us to check that a meeting is happening

There are no fees for playing at our club - we only ask that you respect the hospitality of the pub by buying a drink or two from the bar.

Old Queen's Head

Find Us

Old Queens Head
40 Pond Hill
S1 2BG

The Old Queens Head is easily reached from anywhere in the city centre. Head to Sheffield Interchange bus station, and the pub is situated on Pond Hill which runs along the outside of the interchange.

If you're travelling by car, follow the signs for Ponds Forge from Park Square roundabout. Follow the one-way system (marked in red) until you reach Pond Street where you can find on-street parking.

Although there are a few parking spaces right outside the Old Queens Head on Pond Hill, these are usually occupied and so the on-street parking on Pond Street is the best option.

Being situated just behind Sheffield Interchange bus station, the Old Queens Head is very well situated for many bus routes from throughout the area.

Sheffield train station is less than a five minute walk away, as is the tram stop at Fitzalan Square.

For more information on public transport, see the Travel South Yorkshire website.

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